What is Lumen

Maybe we will notice that the LED headlight has a lumen value. But most of us do not realize it. What is lumen? Does it matter if a headlamp is good or not? I believe most of us would like to know the answer. Now, let's take a deep closer to lumen. Lighting lamps are commonly labeled with their light output in lumens. It is say that an energy-efficient bulb claims to be 60 W which tungsten bulb must have a minimum light output of 700-750 lm. Obviously lumen is a measure of the total quantity of  visible light  emitted by a source.


Now we have a simple concept of lumen. It is a measurement of the light bulbs. Normally one LED headlight bulb could reach around 3000lms or higher. This is a stable measurement of light output. It will not vary as LED light bulbs continue to get brighter and more efficient. Because of the special factor of lumen, the replacement of LED bulbs can improve custom headlights, tail lights and fog lights. It will boost your ride's lighting. So that we can turn darkness into daylights. Moreover it helps you innovative LED accessory lighting for truck beds, interior and underbody.


We understand the existence of lumen, but we do not know how to measure it. In the automobile industry, people soon measure lumen with Integrating ball. It can measure lumen in all domains of the headlight bulb. Lux is realated to lumen. One lux is one lumen in per square meter. When it comes to LED lighting, it's different from traditional incandescent light bulbs. You may see LED bulb described as a 60 watt equivalent. But in fact it only uses about 9.5 watts. This is because LEDs are measured by lumens. 40 watt incandescent bulb is 450 lumens. 60 watt incandescent bulb is 800 lumens. It can be realized that more means brighter; less means dimmer. That shows lumens per watt is even more important.

The best ways to stop led auto light flicker?

New LED bulb flickers on automobile. It is simply a common issue. 2 remedies will certainly be offered as below

1. Canbus led light bulb
In general, the working power of LED bulb is lower much than manufacturing facility halogen light bulb that triggered flickering. Flickering it to tell you the LED bulb is incorrect because it did not pass the OBC check. Canbus led bulb design with integrated resister, it can help to reach the exact same power as manufacturing facility halogen bulb to stay clear or to OBC check. There are electric parts in canbus that offer electric resistance within a circuit, thus offering "load" on the circuit. The light bulb is one of the most important factors in the incidence of incandescent one.

2. Led anti flicker harness
This is a small product as compared to the canbus, because it requires wring to connect to light bulb on automobile. Anti-flicker harness is a component with an electric capacitor inside. It shops electrical energy as well as quickly launches it at a steady price. Led anti flicker harness could be referred to as decoder. The storage space of power within the decoder also develops on the circuit as a result of the build-up of electrical power. Decoders could be a water dam. There is a large section of the water behind it, however it is slowly released downstream so it does not flood the upstream portion.

To learn if your lorry requires CAN Bus bulbs or not, I suggest you get rid of a bulb first. For example, to avoid a tail light or turn indicator, and after that drive the car a brief distance during the day with the outside lights. When an error code / warning light shows up, the lorry is geared up with CAN Bus. That implies you should pick a canbus led bulb or a led anti flicker harness for your vehicle. What happens if your transforming light is active when you run, you can get a canbus and anti-flicker harness to solve it. You can additionally utilize our super canbus led turn signal light bulbs, this is one more great service for you. Learn more in here .

The Top Advantage to HID Headlights

HID front lights

The flaw or halogen light is low brightness, so in some cases it is candle light. For this reason, people developed one more automotive light, High strength Discharge HID.

HID light bulb has lots of Inert gas mix Xenon. It is the xenon by high stress to produce an arc in between two electrodes as well as release light. There is no tungsten filament in it, so it can be used for a longer time. The lifetime of HID is 10 times longer compared to conventional halogen bulbs and also the illumination is 3 times than it.

When changing with HID, the difference is noticeable. Several car owners would like to set up HID for their automobile. If the alteration did not go well, it is really simple to have due to its high illumination. Some initial vehicles do not have lens on front headlamp, when install HID bulb, the initial reflector could not be gathered because the position and also the shape of the light bulb have changed. At this time, the light has been scattered. It will glare the vehicle driver to ensure that he could see the roadway condition clearly.

As all of us understand the HID fronts lights are normally white or even bluish. The penetration of yellow light is much better. So the penetration of HID illumination is weak compared to typical halogen light in wet day. Individuals will certainly change golden haze headlight after installing HID headlight in order to see the road plainly in law and foggy day.

The Future Headlight, Laser Headlight

Humans are still not satisfied with the existing front lights modern technology, consisting of halogen bulb, HID and LED front lights. Because situation, there is the maker created a newest headlight - laser headlight. Laser diode is the core of laser headlight. The laser headlight launches light as well as the light beam through a lens. Laser diodes have a lot of benefits or LED. And also the illumination is more than LED. A single laser headlight component is narrower than LEDs, it's 1/100 or the LED dimension. The advantages of laser fronts are high illumination and lengthy illumination rangeH

The use of laser headlights is supported by LED fronts lights. Although the irradiation range of laser headlight is away and also intense, the series of irradiation is narrow, it needs LED headlight to supplement the light. The world's first automation and truck utilized laser fronts are Audi R8 LMX. The largest feature of this car is the use of laser fronts lights. BMW i8 also install laser headlights. BMW and Audi are currently equipped with laser headlights on their mass production cars.